This blog is my historical journey through Rock ‘n’ Roll.  It’s my reference to where and when and hopefully will act as a useful catalogue to anyone researching their favourite bands.

Hunky Dory 1971

Growing up in the UK in the 1970’s there was a dearth of options to listen to different musical styles – in fact I didn’t know any music existed other than the crap being peddled on Top of the Pops or Radio 1.  Occasionally I’d see or hear something other than the bland MOR music which infested the media and I was fascinated.

Then one day in 1971, at a friends house (his elder sister was playing an LP), I heard something so brilliant and different it changed my whole life.

Thank you David Bowie and Hunky Dory!

A whole new world opened up that day.  I was spellbound and explored my friend’s sisters extensive record collection like a kid in a candy store. Bands I’d never heard of, LP covers of such majesty and artistic grace, gatefold sleeves, lyrics, free stickers/posters – WOW… I was hooked. Now to immerse myself.

REcords bag

I grew up in Derby, and it had one trendy record shop – ‘R.E.cords’ in Sadler Gate. It was underneath a shop called Knockabout (opposite The Old Bell hotel) and somewhat dark as I remember but here you could listen to LPs, browse through a multitude of albums and even buy second hand LPs and 7″ singles. I practically moved in! They had lovely see through bags (with their logo in blue) so you could proudly walk down the road showing off your latest purchase.


I’d by now listened, learned the lyrics and bought a multitude of singles and albums. The next step was to go to a gig! I had to wait a while to be allowed to do this as I was only in my early teens but the day finally arrived. My friends and I went to watch Curved Air at Derby Kings Hall on 21 January 1976. In fairness I don’t remember much about the gig, they only had one track that I liked but their lead singer was a teenage boys dream..

Step forward one Sonja Kristina..

I was hooked on live music, and from that point attended as many concerts as humanly possible in Derby and further afield once I’d passed my driving test (in fairness public transport in those days was pretty poor – so that was not really an option).

In my early years all the magic happened, mostly on Friday nights, at the Derby College of Art and Technology (AKA Derby Technical College, Derby Lonsdale College, ‘Tech Bar’).  From the picture it’s hard to imagine (take the chairs out) but it was a great venue.  The stage had an overhang so you could lie under it – useful after 8 lagers! and you could get up close and personal with the band.  Check out my gig guide to see who I saw here.

Great Hall, Derby Tech 1966
Main concert hall at Derby College of Art and Technology 1970’s

Over the years I’ve delved into many different genres and now have a rather eclectic taste. Music is my main passion (apart from Chelsea FC and playing cricket), and is a soundtrack to my life. If you have the time, please peruse my site and you will get a feel for the things that move me, where I was and who I saw.


Marko (Jan 2016)

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Marko,
    David Bowie launched, or rocketed, many of us up into the stratosphere of rock and roll.
    After his mega super hits Young Americans is the first song comes to mind, Amazing almost Motown vibe to it.
    I saw him play at Slane Castle Ireland, Glass Spider 1988.Very memorable and although I was a long way from the stage I still have crystal clear memories of the gig.
    Anyway – great archives on your site, a labour of love surely…
    It was the Horslips Derby poster brought me here. I was one of the curators of the Horslips Exhibtion 2004 onwards, an event that eventually triggered a reunion tour and Live at the O2 Album and DVD. I was wondering if it would be possible to get a copy of your Horslips poster for the Exhibtion?
    Good luck and let me know what you think.


    1. Hi Stephen

      Sorry about the delay in replying. Yes, labour of love – you can blame my wife! The hard graft is now done and I just update ad-hoc now when interesting items pop up.

      Alas I only have the photo, the poster is long gone. Where is the Horslips exhibition now, Dublin? I have a good many of their LPs still inc. a mint version of Happy to Meet..


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