Marko’s 100+ Greatest Album covers

Well it started of a conversation with my wife and the next thing you know it’s time for a list!  It was going to be my top 100 album covers of all time but alas there are way too many great LP covers so the list grew and grew and it’s well over 200 now and counting. I’ll just keep adding as I discover new gems.

The first album I ever bought on the strength of the album cover alone was ‘A Trick of the Tail‘ by Genesis.  Fantastic artwork on the front, back and inside – plus the added bonus that I loved it.  This principle is not one that’s had significant success over the years – classic example was Psychic TV’s LP – ‘Force the Hand of Chance‘. Great cover shit record. So Album (LP) covers need to catch potential customers’ eyes and make them want to buy.  They will appeal to its target market (existing fans), display some sort of brand identity (image, logo or font) and hopefully some artistic merit.

So to qualify for my list the big question was ‘would I happily hang it on my wall?’ (note from wife – not on my wall!!), or in an art gallery.  This has nothing to do with the bands or artists music, it’s just a collection of artwork that I find interesting. Of course all of this is totally subjective. It’s my personal opinion that counts. Never mind the lists from Rolling Stone, Billboard, NME, Planet Rock etc. this is my list and it’s unique!  So in no particular order, here goes the:

The Best LP Album Art of all time

Last updated [21 July 2019]

3 thoughts on “Marko’s 100+ Greatest Album covers

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