Concert (Gig) Ticket Stubs

In no specific order here are some old concert ticket stubs from gigs I’ve attended (just click on any image to enlarge it).  I don’t really have any left from my most prolific period of concert going in the 1970s due to my father having a clear out whilst I was away at university.  Subsequently I’ve gone looking for such items and managed to find a few, on various web sites, which I’ve also included in this for historical archive purposes.

All images are copyrighted by their respective photographers and/or artists (including all of mine!). I respect the wishes of all copyright holders, so if anyone wishes to have his or her material removed from my blog please e-mail me.

I’ve also got Robert Plant’s autograph (13 April 1981 – Blue Note club in Derby) and some Crew passes.

Compare the prices!

Grumpy old man update – Yawn, buying tickets and printing them off at home is so naff, you can’t really keep a crappy piece of A4 as a souvenir.  Come on music industry types, if you are going for the cheap option at least create some interesting tickets rather than just bit of text with a bar code on it!

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