Concert Programmes, Gig Posters and Music Press Adverts

In the early days of gigging being young, keen and eager I’d often buy various goodies such as t-shirts, badges and alas programmes. Looking back on the printed materials now they are pretty naff (loaded with advertising) and no doubt expensive at the time.

When my mother moved house I finally got all my remaining old stuff (i.e. what was left following my father’s clear out whilst I was at university!) out of the loft (30 years of hi-fi, videos, cassette tapes, badges, posters etc.). Alas, 99% of it went in the skip, and this is all I have left. I’ve scanned it into pdf format as best I can given that most of the brochures are not in A4 format – so some of the edges will be missing.

I’ve also managed to get some old press adverts in here – NME, Sounds etc. from the day. Some of the quality isn’t the best but hey it’s old!


Music Concert Programmes

LP Booklets and Inserts

Historical Gig Posters and Flyers

Adverts in the Press

Tours – Programme Covers Only

Promo Stuff – LPs, Logos and Banners

Hawkwind Earth Ritual 1984 tour patch
Hawkwind Earth Ritual tour patch 1984

The History of Rock magazine

Weekly magazine, by Orbis publishing, between 1983-85. Priced at £0.70 it came in a total of 10 volumes, 120 parts. I only have the first issue!

2 thoughts on “Concert Programmes, Gig Posters and Music Press Adverts

  1. George German

    Hi Marko,

    How are you doing? I was searching for Steve Hackett items on the internet and I came across your blog/site. On there, you have a picture of a Hackett poster from October 28, 1979 and a Peter Gabriel poster from August 24, 1978. Are these your actual posters? If so, would you be interested in selling or trading something for them? I collect Genesis (and solo) posters and ticket stubs and would love to add these to my collection.

    Drop me a line when you get a chance. It would be great to talk with you.


    George German


    1. Hi George

      Thanks for the email. Alas, I don’t have the posters in question. The Hackett one was on my wall at university and it’s a photo of it and the Gabriel one is long gone.

      So only images of them I’m afraid. I do however have plenty of ticket stubs, but like you I’m a collector and they would not be or sale

      I don’t know where you live, but I’ve got a spare ticket for Steve Hackett at the London Palladium in May. Interested?

      Feel free to follow my blog – god knows I need followers!!

      Cheers, Marko


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