Blancmange gig review (6 Oct 2017 – 229 London)

Ok you are all thinking what am I doing at a Blancmange gig!  Well guilty pleasures etc. I quite liked them in the 80’s.  When I found out they were on tour promoting their new LP (Unfurnished Rooms) I thought it worth £25 for the night out.  It appears that now only Neil Arthur carry’s the flag for these understated synthpop merchants – and carry’s it well he does!

The set was a good mix of old and new and Neil looked very handsome and dapper in his dark blue suit.  All three of the band looked like they were having a good time as were the very enthusiastic audience.  I’ve no idea what the capacity is but it looked fairly full to me so Blancmange do have a good following still – even if a few of them looked like they were on their last legs.

Neil has a penchant for walking to the front of the stage and staring lingeringly at the crowd with slightly scary demented eyes.  Well it certainly attracts your attention!  He also likes a bit of banter with the audience in-between songs and came across as a top bloke! I must admit I did chuckle to myself as Neil’s the only person I know who sings in a broad Lancashire accent!

The new songs were actually pretty good – I might well invest in the LP/CD/Download as the lyrics seemed interesting and the tunes held up well.  As you can imagine the old hit songs got the crowd singing and bopping along – especially at the end of Living on the Ceiling – see the video link below.

They started off understatedly with a lovely piano cover of ABBA’s ‘The Day Before You Came’. Then came the new songs (about a 3rd of the act) of which ‘Anna Dine’ and ‘We are Chemicals’ were the best in my opinion – to be fair each new song was greeted rapturously. Finally, the jacket came off for the aggressive ‘I Can’t Explain’, well it was bloody hot and sweaty in there.  Then came the well-known audience sing-alongs – ‘Living on the Ceiling, Blind Vision’ but only one encore ‘Don’t Tell Me’. Neil was obviously in a rush to get to the merchandising stand for signatures and photos – well you’ve got to upsell to make a living these days!

I really enjoyed the entire evening (approx. 1 hour 20mins) and the only slight downside was that they didn’t play one of my favourites ‘That’s Love That It Is’, plus the bar was shut!!  Can’t get a drink at 22:15 – I blame Brexit!


  1. The Day Before You Came – Mange Tout 1984
  2. Unfurnished Rooms – Unfurnished Rooms 2017
  3. We Are the Chemicals – Unfurnished Rooms 2017
  4. Game Above My Head – Mange Tout 1984
  5. Red Shift (Blame Thrower) – Commuter 23 2016
  6. What’s the Time? – Unfurnished Rooms 2017
  7. Last Night (I Dreamt I Had a Job) – Commuter 23 2016
  8. Waves – Happy Families 1982Blancmange-Unfurnished-Rooms
  9. Gratitude – Unfurnished Rooms 2017
  10. Anna Dine – Unfurnished Rooms 2017
  11. Running Thin – Happy Families 1982
  12. I Can’t Explain – Happy Families 1982
  13. Old Friends – Unfurnished Rooms 2017
  14. Living on the Ceiling – Happy Families 1982
  15. I’ve Seen the Word – Happy Families 1982
  16. Feel Me – Happy Families 1982
  17. Blind Vision – Mange Tout 1984
  18. Don’t Tell Me – Mange Tout 198

Links are courtesy of YouTube (KrisLW account) as unfortunately my videos all were crackly. 

Before I forget the gig was opened by Curxes (a duo of singer and keyboard/guitarist) who were a bit Cocteau Twins with attitude. Alas, the sound mix for this was appalling so I’ve got no idea what the hell she was singing about, less even as to why the other half of the act was dressed as a bear. All I know is that they have an album ‘Gilded Cage’ out in a few weeks.

Perhaps I’m doing them a disservice but based on the current act I would not pay good money to watch them again. Perhaps that’s the reason for the bear outfit?

Marko – 8 Oct 2017

Gig review – Richie Blackmore’s Rainbow – Stone Free Festival 2017

Rainbow’s new 2015 line up is a flag of nations – keyboard Jens Johansson (Sweden), bass Bob Curiano, drums David Keith (both USA) and vocalist Ronnie Romero (Chile).

I had high hopes of this being a blinder, alas for me it ended up being a real damp squib.  The sound was piss poor, his amp does not turn up to 11 apparently!.  In this day and age you’d think they could have spent a few £$ on some big screens, but no – so all the poor sods at the back and high up in the gods couldn’t really see what was going on (as it happens not much as I think Rickie’s red shoes had Velcro on them so stuck he was in one spot for inordinate amounts of time!).  And don’t get me going on about the minimalist stage set-up – they must have spent just shy of £50, or Richie still thinks he’s living in the 70’s playing Budokan – times have moved on mate and your audience expects a show!

We all know Richie is a bit weird and difficult to work with, perhaps all that medieval renaissance crap has sent him over the top.  That said he is still a great guitarist

The backdrop had some pretty poor graphics throughout the gig.  Photographs of old Rainbow ticket stubs and the late great Ronnie James Dio (let’s face it that was their greatest period).  The eccentric Blackmore didn’t say a word throughout and communicated with the band and the audience via hand gestures.  Interestingly I gave him my own 2 fingered hand gesture but he couldn’t see me (tee hee)!!

For ‘Since You’ve Been Gone’ we had a guest appearance by its writer Russ Ballard – they eventually found him a guitar!  OK so there were some highlights – i.e. they played some good songs but these fleeting bits of brilliance were let down by mind numbingly boring and unnecessarily long solos by the keyboardist and drummer – big yawn.  Plus the lead singer had real problems communicating with the audience (his accent and lack of talent come to mind) but he did hold a tune in places.

All in all the Rainbow and Deep Purple back catalogue were done a grave disservice on the night – you’d get a better evening out watching a tribute band.

Much better were ‘Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll’, ‘Burn’, and ‘Black Night’ during which the band walked off the stage leaving those of a more passionate persuasion singing along to the riff.  A quick snippet from ‘Woman from Tokyo’ was woven into ‘Man on a Silver Mountain’ but for me it missed the mark.Rainbow Set List

  • I Surrender(Difficult to Cure 1981)
  • Mistreated(Deep Purple – Burn 1974)
  • Since You Been Gone – (Down to Earth 1979)
  • Man on the Silver Mountain(Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow 1975)
  • Soldier of Fortune – (Deep Purple – Stormbringer 1974)
  • All Night Long – (Down to Earth 1979)
  • Difficult to Cure(Difficult to Cure 1981)
  • Child in Time(Deep Purple in Rock 1970)
  • Stargazer (Rising 1976) click to watch video
  • Still I’m Sad(Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow 1975)
  • Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll(Long Live Rock ‘n’ Roll 1979)
  • Black Night – (Deep Purple single 1970)
  • Burn(Deep Purple – Burn 1974)
  • Catch the Rainbow(Ritchie Blackmore’s Rainbow 1975)
  • Smoke on the Water – (Deep Purple – Machine Head 1972)

I was knackered by the end of a full day of RnR – especially after standing for 5 hours in the Indigo.  I enjoyed most of the day but was really disappointed with Rainbow.  There were plenty of empty seats and closed sections – the pulling power is simply not there anymore.  I’ll live of my previous memories of Rainbow when they were good!

Marko – 20 June 2017

Gig Review – Sweet at Stone Free Festival 2017

This was a complete left field surprise for me.  I loved them in the early 70’s. Glam rock, make up, ambiguity, loud guitars – the very antithesis of ‘TOTP’.

Today, two versions of The Sweet are still active with original members – Andy Scott’s Sweet and Steve Priest’s Sweet.  Brian Connolly and Mick Tucker sadly passed away in their 50’s. It was Andy Scott’s version on display today.

As it happens two of their naffest songs ‘Wig-Wam Bam and Little Willy’ really had the crowd singing along.  As Andy noted about all their audiences “they all sing along no matter what it says on their t-shirt”.  The most bizarre song of the night was the synth laden ‘Love Is Like Oxygen’ which went off into a full-blown version of ‘Fanfare for the Common Man’ before returning to the song.  The audience were well into it bopping and singing along in unison.

It was definitely a hell raising, blockbuster with a touch of OAP rampage (yes I know awful puns).  As someone said on my YouTube site after watching the video – Andy has a touch of the Mick Box about him – you decide!!

Sweet Set List

  1. Action – (Give Us a Wink 1976)
  2. New York Groove – (Hello cover)
  3. Hell Raiser – (1973 single)
  4. The Six Teens – (Desolation Boulevard 1974)
  5. AC/DC(Sweet Fanny Adams 1974)
  6. Set Me Free – (Sweet Fanny Adams 1974)
  7. Teenage Rampage – (1974 singles) click to view video
  8. Wig-Wam Bam / Little Willy – (1972 singles)
  9. Love Is Like Oxygen – (inc “Fanfare for the Common man”) – (Level Headed 1978)
  10. Fox On The Run – (Desolation Boulevard 1974)
  11. Blockbuster – (1973 single) click to view video
  12. Ballroom Blitz – (1973 single)

I’m glad I saw them, but it’s always with a tinge of sadness when you never actually see the original line up.  Alas time waits fore no man.

Marko – 20 June 2017

Gig Review – Blue Öyster Cult @ Stone Free Festival 2017

Blue Öyster Cult at the Indigo O2, London 17 June 2017. Stone Free Festival 2017.

Last seen by me at 1981’s Monsters of Rock festival, Blue Öyster Cult where surprisingly good for the most part.  There were some stunning guitar solos throughout the set especially from Buck Dharma (loved the guitar man) and Richie Castellano (he looks like he’s been seconded in from Los Lobos!).  Bloody hell can Buck play the guitar or what!!  In fact, they are all well talented musicians who played a tight set of rarities and classics superbly well.  What’s more to say – it was damn good.

Their backdrop proudly proclaimed “On Tour Forever” and as I found out later they played their 1972 debut album in its entirety – “Just for the UK!” Eric Bloom proclaimed. This is only the 2nd time its ever happened and it was performed with minimal fuss – they just got on with it as if it was 45 years ago much to the delight of many fans sporting their BOC t-shirts with pride.

They finished with ‘(Don’t Fear) the Reaper’ which was dedicated to Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee and came back for two encores’ – ‘Tattoo Vampire and Hot Rails to Hell’ and went off to rapturous applause and no doubt some partying afterwards. I think they converted many a member of the audience who will be searching out their back catalogue.

Blue Öyster Cult Set list

  • Transmaniacon MC (Blue Öyster Cult 1972)
  • I’m on the Lamb but I Ain’t No Sheep (Blue Öyster Cult 1972)
  • Then Came the Last Days of May (Blue Öyster Cult 1972) – 10 min version!
  • Stairway to the Stars (Blue Öyster Cult 1972)
  • Before the Kiss, a Redcap (Blue Öyster Cult 1972)
  • Screams (Blue Öyster Cult 1972)
  • She’s as Beautiful as a Foot (Blue Öyster Cult 1972)
  • Cities on Flame with Rock and Roll (Blue Öyster Cult 1972)
  • Workshop of the Telescopes (Blue Öyster Cult 1972)
  • Redeemed (Blue Öyster Cult 1972)
  • Burnin’ for You (Fire of Unknown Origin 1981)
  • Buck’s Boogie (On Your Feet or on Your Knees 1975)
  • Godzilla (Spectres 1977)
  • (Don’t Fear) The Reaper (Agents of Fortune 1976) click to view video
  • Tattoo Vampire (Agents of Fortune 1976)
  • Hot Rails to Hell (Tyranny and Mutation 1973)

Marko 20 June 2017

Gig Review – Gun @ Stone Free Festival 2017

Gun (Gig Review) – Stone Free Festival 17 June 2017 London Indigo O2

Next for me the Scottish Rockers Gun, who I have not seen since 1994.  I defiantly lost track of them over the years and was kind of glad they are attempting a comeback with a new line-up.

They went down pretty well with the crowd but poor old Dante Gizzi had a hard’ish time trying to get the crowd enthused with the usual singalong’s.  For me ‘Word Up’ was the highlight and I was rather impressed with the new single (Planet Rock playlist no less)  ‘Favourite Pleasures’.  ‘Better Days and Steal Your Fire’ also were performed well and you can never go wrong with covering the Beastie Boys ‘(You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (to Party)’.  All in all a very good short set.

Gun Set List

  • She Knows – (Favourite Pleasures 2017)
  • Don’t Say It’s Over – (Swagger 1994)
  • Better Days – (Taking on the World 1989)
  • Word Up! (Cameo cover) – (Swagger 1994) click to view video
  • Hold Your Head Up – (Frantic 2015)
  • Favourite Pleasures – (Favourite Pleasures 2017)
  • Steal Your Fire – (Gallus 1992)
  • Shame on You – (Taking on the World 1989)
  • (You Gotta) Fight for Your Right (To Party!)Beastie Boys cover

Based on the new songs we heard, Gun are getting close to being at their best i.e. their 1st two albums.  The new lead guitarist Tommy Gentry knows his chords and his on-stage energy seems to have given Gun a shot in the arm.  Well done and keep it up boys!

Marko 20 June 2016

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown – Gig Review Stone Free Festival 2017

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown – London Indigo O2 17 June 2017 Gig Review

Just around the corner in the Indigo was the surprise of the day for me – The Crazy World of Arthur Brown.  Like most people I only know him for the famous ‘Fire’ single/video so I really didn’t know what to expect.  As it was I was captivated by the music, the band imagery (and his numerous costume changes) and the exuberance of an old man and his showmanship.  I checked the set list (off the net):

  • Prelude / Nightmare (The Crazy World of Arthur Brown – 1968)
  • Devil’s Grip (1967 single)
  • I Put a Spell on You (The Crazy World of Arthur Brown – 1968)
  • Time Captives (Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come – Journey 1976)
  • Sunrise (Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come – Galactic Zoo Dossier 1973)
  • Touched by All (The Crazy World of Arthur Brown – Zim Zam Zim 2014)
  • Fire (The Crazy World of Arthur Brown – 1968) click to view the video..

Arthur had plenty of weird dance routines (accompanied by his dancer Angel Flame) and a voice that really was from the god of hell fire.  Painted faces, bizarre costumes, good musicians and Arthur Indian dancing in circles wearing a cloak (with LED strips) of feathers that glowed all the colours of the rainbow.  I enjoyed all the songs, the performance and the artistry immensely.  Arthur Brown Stone Free 2017

Sadly, the last song ‘Fire’ was cut short due to running overtime but it did give him time to let us know that he is 75 in a few days so we ought to go and see him again before he drops dead on stage!  Mighty impressive stuff, if you want to see something different, be entertained and enjoy some really good tunes go and see him before it’s too late – he can’t be replaced!

Marko 20 June 2017

Tequila Mockingbyrd

Tequila Mockingbyrd

First up for me on the ‘Big Entrance Stage’ were the female power trio (further investigation tells me they are from Melbourne, Australia).  I was originally passing by when I heard their sound check and thought “what the hell” let’s see what they’ve got to offer.   10 mins later Estelle (vocals, guitar), Jess (bass) and Josie (drums) strode off into an 8 song set comprising songs mostly of their debut album ‘Fight And Flight’ and I was pleasantly surprised.  Check out the video for Never Go Home:

  • Money Tree
  • Never Go Home
  • Tell Me
  • This Ain’t Dead
  • Somebody Put Something in my Drink
  • Good Time
  • So Not Me
  • I Smell Rock ‘n’ Roll

Tequila MockingbyrdThe songs are short catchy simple tunes with lots of riffs to get the crowd going.  Think Ramones cross fertilised with a multitude of Oz hard rock bands.  They certainly have a no nonsense attitude – especially the drummer.

They spent time after the gig meeting potential new fans, posing for pictures and selling all sorts of stuff out of a suitcase – all legit of course!  Not many all women bands make it in this industry so good luck girls!  As AC/DC succinctly put it – It’s a long way to the top if you wanna Rock n Roll.

Marko 20 June 2017

Stone Free Festival 2017 – Gig Reviews

Just in case you don’t know the Stone Free festival at the O2 in London covers the main arena, the Indigo and a ‘Big Entrance Stage’ (misnomer) just as you come in the front doors.  The event started at midday on the hottest day of the year thus far.  So military precision was required to ensure that in the 30 minute interval between bands I could sneak out for a well deserved ‘cold one’ and sit down to rest my weary body.  I even managed some food just before Sweet came on.

With so many acts in close succession (see the poster for timings) it was going to be a long long day.

Stone Free Festival 2017
Stone Free Festival 2017

After much deliberation I thought I’d post lots of smaller reviews rather than just one huge missive that would challenge your attention span!  Just click on the links to view the reviews in the order I saw them:

Overall, a long tiring but mostly enjoyable day.  Well worth the £65 fee (actually my mate gave me a free ticket, so I did the decent thing and bought the food/drinks) for an all day event.

Marko 20 June 2017

Iron Maiden – O2 Arena London Gig Review [27 May 2017]

London O2 arena – 27 May 2017

It’s the first time I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Iron Maiden in the flesh (does seeing Bruce Dickinson in Samson in 1979 give me any brownie points?) on the last night of their UK tour.

Given last week’s previous events security was relatively tight’ish, as fans entered through airport-style body scanners while armed police were to be seen in abundance.

The Crowd

Maiden fans really are dedicated. The ‘family’ as Bruce described them. Nearly to a man/woman I’d say 85% of the audience wore their Maiden regalia with pride and in brotherhood – they are all in the same gang wherever you are in the world. The number of different t-shirts on show, from over the years, was truly staggering. The old, the young, the tattooed, the bald, the long haired, the hipsters, the normal etc. from all over the globe their hugely loyal fan base was emblazoned with the iconic Eddie skull motif. Did I mention the flags? Chatting, drinking, eating, taking pictures and exchanging stories it was like the league of nations out there – one difference WE ALL GOT ON WITH EACH OTHER.

The queue for merchandising was long and winding and time consuming, but it didn’t stop the majority of fans from buying yet another t-shirt to add to the collection.  The merchandising division must rake it in, but I’ll hand it to them they do some pretty impressive stuff.Iron Maiden t-shirts

I’m just waiting for the Iron Maiden retrospective at the V&A. You listening Steve!!

The Stage

Up high in the gods, in a packed out O2 arena, enabled me to see the grandiose ancient Mayan jungle temple stage set in all it’s glory.  Elaborately laid out with huge stone pillars with ramps, gaps and runs for Bruce to bound around energetically stoking up the crowd (in fairness that was an easy job!).  The only Mayan thing missing was the human sacrifices – mind you many made extremely long journeys to be at the gig, so I suppose that counts!  There was a steaming cauldron, pyrotechnics and the rear of the stage had constantly changing backdrops depicting the songs – oh and don’t forget a huge inflatable Eddie and the devil (guess which song that was for 😊 ??).

Two huge HD screens topped it off, so all those at the back could see with clarity. Good stuff chaps.

The Gig

The sound was just pitch perfect with the band playing at ear-shredding volume without any distortion!

Dave Murray, Adrian Smith and Janick Gers riffed and solo’d throughout with gay abandon, whilst ‘West Ham emblazoned’ (we all have our crosses to bear) Steve Harris’s bass “machine gunned” the crowd whenever possible. Bruce is without doubt one of the greatest living frontmen in Rock and his iconic voice is simply phenomenal (all the more given the throat cancer scare a few years back).  Drummer Nicko was sort of invisible behind his enormous drum kit, but thanks to the huge screens we could see he was thrashing around like a demon.

The band have been around so long that they are totally in sync with each other and they performed with energy and professionalism – “scream for me London” – and they did!  A highly polished performance.  Everything in this band just gels seamlessly.  It’s clear that they all get on really well together.  Joking and playing around on stage, they clearly were having as much fun as the fans.

Cue 15 foot Eddie who made his appearance during ‘The Book of Souls’.  He stalked the band before Bruce ripped out his heart and threw it into the crowd (but sadly missed and it had to be mopped off the stage by a roadie – hey you can’t always get it right).

Much of the set came from their new album, but some old classics were there as well.  For 1983’s ‘The Trooper’, Bruce wore his traditional Crimean War outfit and waved the Union Jack.  Impressive stuff, the haunting sound of 20,000 voices singing ‘Fear of the Dark’ as one.

Set List

  • If Eternity Should Fail – [The Book of Souls 2015]
  • Speed of Light – [The Book of Souls 2015]
  • Wrathchild – [Killers 1981]
  • Children of the Damned – [The Number of the Beast 1982]
  • Death or Glory – [The Book of Souls 2015]
  • The Red and the Black – [The Book of Souls 2015]
  • The Trooper – [Piece of Mind 1983]

    Iron Maiden - London O2 - 28 May 2017
    Iron Maiden – London O2 – 28 May 2017
  • Powerslave – [Powerslave 1984]
  • The Great Unknown – [The Book of Souls 2015]
  • The Book of Souls – [The Book of Souls 2015]
  • Fear of the Dark – [Fear of the Dark 1992]
  • Iron Maiden – [Iron Maiden 1980]


  • The Number of the Beast – [The Number of the Beast 1982]
  • Blood Brothers – [Brave New World 2000]
  • Wasted Years – [Somewhere in Time 1986]

Bruce said they had been away too long (no UK tour) and they wouldn’t make the same mistake again.  They may be in their late 50’s but they have lots of life (and hair) left in them still based on this performance.  I for one will be buying a ticket for their next tour.

This is Maiden, it’s what they do and it was bloody brilliant.  At £50 a ticket it was a steal for 2 hours of head-banging fun.

Marko – 29 May 2017

PS – They played ‘Doctor Doctor’ by UFO before they came on and the crowd was going bonkers to the song! Well selected.

Poster - Iron Maiden - Book of Souls UK Tour 2017
Poster – Iron Maiden – Book of Souls UK Tour 2017

PPS – Shinedown were the support act. For what it’s worth, the PA was distorted and it was a wall of mediocre impenetrable noise. Not my bag at all. Someone is sleeping with someone for them to get this gig!



Steve Hackett – 19 May 2017 Gig Review

Steve Hackett – Genesis Revisited with Classic Hackett 2017 tour – Gig Review

So back to Steve’s roots in London for the last night of the Genesis Revisited with Classic Hackett 2017 tour.  Only just made the packed London Palladium to see the start of the 2 part show (19:45 prompt).  So part 1 was Hackett solo stuff and part 2 was basically Genesis stuff with his favourite songs from “Wind and Wuthering” featuring prominently.  As it happens I attended my first ever Genesis gig on 22 Jan 1977, Leicester De Montford Halls, on their Wind and Wuthering tour (wow where did those 40 years go??).

Steve had his mum, sister and brother there (his brother John doing a bit of flute work on Serpentine Song – which was inspired by his late dad and the Peter Pan statue on the Serpentine in Hyde Park where he used to sell his paintings).

As always start with a classic to set the tone for the evening – welcome ‘Everyday’ which really showcases Steve’s extra ordinary guitar skills and tumultuous applause from the eager crowd (I admit I was surprised to see so many ladies in the audience – they generally don’t do prog rock).

Steve Hackett – Genesis Revisited with Classic Hackett 2017 tour
Steve Hackett – 19 May 2017 – London Palladium

There were a few new songs which I must admit I didn’t recognise from his ‘The Night Siren’ LP.  Some were better than others but the first half closer was the full-length version of ‘Shadow Of The Hierophant’ starting with Amanda Lehmann’s high pitched vocals and just continuing to build and build repetitively, bolero like, on intensity and volume.  Nick Beggs, resplendent in kilt, sat down next to his bass pedals hammering them with his fists.  He was in the groove, a bleached blonde mass of hair at one with the music.

In fairness Steve and Nick are the main show stoppers in this band. Steve the maestro guitarist and Nick the flamboyant (sorry Nad) mad bassist who always looks like he is totally lost in the music and dancing to his own tune – wonderful!

We barely had time to relive our prostrates and get back to our seats in time for the second half to start.

The second half featured Nad Sylvan, with his usual period regalia outfits (like an Earl himself, puffing on an (unlit) pipe to enhance effect), on lead vocals to do the Genesis songs. Occasionally his voice let him down, just not hitting the right notes but hey, he can sing better than me any day!  The only surprise of the night was the inclusion of ‘Inside and Out’ from the “Spot the Pigeon” EP (they didn’t have room for it on the Wind and Wuthering album).  Phil Collins wrote the lyrics, which Steve says were great and before he got into his ‘relationship issues period’!

The encore was Los Endos with the entire audience on their feet at the end celebrating with a thunderous and sustained applause.

London Palladium Set List

Set 1 (Classic Hackett):

  1. Every Day – (Spectral Mornings 1979)
  2. El Niño – (The Night Siren 2017)
  3. The Steppes – (Defector 1980)
  4. In the Skeleton Gallery – (The Night Siren 2017)
  5. Behind the Smoke – (The Night Siren 2017)
  6. Serpentine Song (with John Hackett) – (To Watch The Storm 2003)
  7. Rise Again – (Darktown 1999)
  8. Shadow of the Hierophant – (Voyage of The Acolyte 1975)

Set 2 (Genesis Revisited with Nad Sylvan):

  1. Eleventh Earl of Mar – (Wind and Wuthering 1977)
  2. One for the Vine – (Wind and Wuthering 1977)
  3. Blood on the Rooftops – (Wind and Wuthering 1977)
  4. …In That Quiet Earth – (Wind and Wuthering 1977)
  5. Afterglow – (Wind and Wuthering 1977)
  6. Dance on a Volcano – (A Trick of the Tail 1975)
  7. Inside and Out – (Spot the Pigeon EP 1977)
  8. Firth of Fifth – (Selling England by the Pound 1973)
  9. The Musical Box – (Nursery Cryme 1971)
  10. Slogans / Los Endos – (Defector 1980 & A Trick of the Tail 1975)

At 67 Steve has a full head of dark hair (in fact he’s had the same haircut for donkeys) so I’m guessing his wife does a good job with the hair dye 😊.  On Steve’s stage left the same goes for 56-year-old Nick Beggs with his long blond hair.  Nick is the only member of the band who looks like he’s enjoying himself and getting down with the music rather than performing it ad verbatim.  He played bass, 6-string and double neck stood up, sat down and generally bopping about).  How did this 80’s Kajagoogoo pop man make the move to Prog?

The second set went down much better than the first (I kind of guess there were a lot there just like me who suffered the first half to get to the gems in the second) from where I was sitting in row F of the Stalls.

So, all in all a very accomplished gig from a tight knit unit of muso’s.  Prog Rock is in the safe custody of Mr. Hackett.  Please continue touring with the old Genesis catalogue for as long as you can Steve – you’ll make a lot of old grey haired (or bald) men very very happy!!

The only down side was seeing the keyboard and woodwind chaps in FCK BXIT t-shirts.  Stick to the music and fuck your politics chaps – we are not interested in anything but the music and I certainly don’t need preaching to – dick heads)!

Marko – 20 May 2017