Concert Review: Flunk – 100 Club [8 Feb 2019]

So practically a year after I first saw them Flunk are back at the 100 Club once again.  Stood in the same spot but this time I was armed with a much better camera with 4k video!  Unfortunately, you need a degree in astrophysics to work the damn thing so I just stuck to auto settings, the videos are pretty impressive though – check out the links in the setlist below to my YouTube channel.

For those that have never heard of Flunk, there are from Oslo and play a mix of electronic and indie guitar (the Birmingham band Felt come very much to mind) with some catchy tunes and slow laid back guitar work.

With no new material to showcase it was basically a ‘best of’ selection of tracks from their many albums – and that’s not a bad thing at all!  Same as last year they were: Erik Ruud – drums; Anja Øyen Vister – vocals, guitar; Jo Bakke – guitar; Ole Kristian Wetten – bass and Ulf Nygaard – Apple laptop.

The band were pretty much dressed all in black so that left Anja to add a touch of multi-colour via her bracelets and hair pieces plus an interesting line in minimalist orange eye shadow and glitter!  Mainly singing, occasional guitar she mainly sung eyes closed or with her arm shielding her eyes due to the spots and low ceiling.  The vocals were a little vague, you’d be hard pressed to catch the lyrics if you didn’t already know the songs, but that didn’t detract from the overall effect – ethereal!  Jo once again excelled on guitar – slow, mellow carefully crafted solos with the odd unhurried riff.  I loved his Vox (apparently it only cost just shy of the £1k mark).  The rhythm section held it all together nicely and they all genuinely seemed to be enjoying themselves.  The audience was very receptive and appreciative, in fact I recognised quite a few from the previous year – so a loyal following!

Now Ulf is an enigma to me. I know he’s the producer and presses a few keys on the MacBook and adds a bit of backing vocals but is he really needed on stage?  He pops up every now and then and it’s like having an odd family member walking on stage but the band are too polite and embarrassed to ask him to get off 😊.  There must be some buttons he could press on the mixing desk?

Flunk Setlist (click on links to view the videos)

  • Morning Star – [Morning Star, 2004]
  • Personal Stereo– [Personal Stereo, 2009]P1010334
  • TMTTUOT – [Chemistry and Math, 2017]
  • If We Kiss – [Personal Stereo, 2009]
  • Chemistry and Math – [Chemistry and Math, 2017]
  • Common Sense – [This Is What You Get, 2009]
  • Lost Causes – [Lost Causes, 2013]
  • Speedskating – [This Is What You Get, 2009]
  • Your Beautiful Lies – [Chemistry and Math, 2017]
  • Play – [Morning Star, 2004]
  • Six Seven Times – [Morning Star, 2004]
  • Hello – [Chemistry and Math, 2017]
  • Queen of the Underground – [Lost Causes, 2013]


  • Down – [Personal Stereo, 2009]
  • Blue Monday – [For Sleepyheads Only, 2002]
  • Only You – [Cover Ups – The Home Recordings, 2016]
  • Sit Down – [Personal Stereo, 2009]

A lovely selection of songs that showcased their unique song writing talents born of living in a cold bleak climate.  Personal highlights were ‘If We Kiss’, ‘Play’, ‘Hello’ and ‘Sit Down’.  My only gripe was the cover of ‘Only You’ which they did very well but I really hate that song – so it’s my issue readers 😊.

Thanks to the whole band for putting in a great night’s entertainment.  At the end of the evening my friend and I managed to chat with both Anja and Jo who were charming as ever and were more than willing to talk at length and pose for photos.

Allegedly some new material may transpire next year, in the meanwhile I wish them luck and hope to see them live in London again in the not too distant future.  You might consider a different venue e.g. 229 The Venue – the 100 Club is a touch shabby!

Marko [10 Feb 2019]