Live Music

There is nothing quite like going to watch a band perform live.  In my younger days I’d try and get as close to the stage as possible (obviously this had it’s down sides during the punk era and ‘gobbing’!), alas these days it’s mostly seated – no mosh pit for me..

Unfortunately, as one gets older most things head south and eyesight starts to fail.  Up close and personal (whether seated or standing) is preferable to seats high up in the gods, in large stadia, where you need a Hubble telescope to see what’s going on.

Some of the better bands will of course have large video screens which helps enormously, but if you ‘can’t see the whites of their eyes’ I kinda feel cheated – especially at the price some charge!  In most cases the music more than makes up for it.

In recent years, with the benefit of digital camera’s, I’ve tried to document some of the gigs I’ve attended.  I’ve added them to my YouTube channel so feel free to have a look.  I don’t have a steady hand in quite a few places but persevere and you may get a flavour of the event.  Sound may suffer in places due to my thumb on the microphone – sorry..

A poor selfie but what the hell I met Steve Hackett whilst shopping in Zara on Oxford St. London – 18 Sep’t 2014.  Lovely man..

Steve Hackett & Me 1





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