Tribute Bands

You’ve just got to admire these people, and there are hundreds of them all over the UK, for devoting all their spare time (or their lives if they are doing this for a living) doing what they love best – copying their favourite bands. Luckily there are plenty of small venues around the country willing to put on a live show.

Think of all the hard work involved, leaning the music for every instrument, finding other like minded people (and quite often some in the band bear a passing resemblance to their heroes – weird that), practicing regularly, traveling around the UK to play, organising gigs, promoting concerts, web sites, thinking of the names (some are really quite good) etc..

The definitely have their place in the rock music cosmos.  How else would you be able to see and listen to bands who no longer:-

  1. exist
  2. tour
  3. have changed line-ups and no longer play the ‘good stuff’
  4. don’t tour your part of the world often

They range from the note perfect, total immersion experience of Aussie Floyd (that cost’s fortunes to undertake – but they make a good living out of it) to say Re-Genesis with their Gabriel era only music and DIY props.  Some even record and sell their live versions of songs such as Dirty D/C – who by the way are brilliant – I had my ears ringing for days afterwards!

Also it brings in the younger audience who can go and experience the sights and sounds of what their parents keep telling them was the best decade ever in music.

Over the years I’ve seen quite a few bands such as Nearly Dan, Dirty D/C, Re-Genesis, Free, T.Rextasy, Talon, Bootleg Beatles, Rat Pack, Blues Brothers, Australian Pink Floyd  etc. from pubs to small clubs to Playhouses to the Hammersmith Odeon.  It’s a relatively cheap night out and there are plenty of like mined people to chat to at the bar – and yes some really old tour t-shirts are proudly displayed (albeit somewhat tighter around middle aged spread!).

I found these two site: Tribute Bands & Alive Network whilst browsing.  They list various bands touring the UK but is by no means an exhaustive list and I certainly can’t quote on the quality of the acts! This site also lists small independent venues around the UK.

So check out your local press, web sites, whatever – you never know when someone decent will be playing live locally. So much better than sitting in front of the tv and watching 400 channels of crap!

Before I forget, some of these bands are available for hire – what a brilliant way to celebrate a birthday, special occasion, wedding etc.  Go on – you know you want to!!

Marko 18 Jan 2016


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