Stone Free Festival 2017 – Gig Reviews

Just in case you don’t know the Stone Free festival at the O2 in London covers the main arena, the Indigo and a ‘Big Entrance Stage’ (misnomer) just as you come in the front doors.  The event started at midday on the hottest day of the year thus far.  So military precision was required to ensure that in the 30 minute interval between bands I could sneak out for a well deserved ‘cold one’ and sit down to rest my weary body.  I even managed some food just before Sweet came on.

With so many acts in close succession (see the poster for timings) it was going to be a long long day.

Stone Free Festival 2017
Stone Free Festival 2017

After much deliberation I thought I’d post lots of smaller reviews rather than just one huge missive that would challenge your attention span!  Just click on the links to view the reviews in the order I saw them:

Overall, a long tiring but mostly enjoyable day.  Well worth the £65 fee (actually my mate gave me a free ticket, so I did the decent thing and bought the food/drinks) for an all day event.

Marko 20 June 2017

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