Tequila Mockingbyrd

Tequila Mockingbyrd

First up for me on the ‘Big Entrance Stage’ were the female power trio (further investigation tells me they are from Melbourne, Australia).  I was originally passing by when I heard their sound check and thought “what the hell” let’s see what they’ve got to offer.   10 mins later Estelle (vocals, guitar), Jess (bass) and Josie (drums) strode off into an 8 song set comprising songs mostly of their debut album ‘Fight And Flight’ and I was pleasantly surprised.  Check out the video for Never Go Home:

  • Money Tree
  • Never Go Home
  • Tell Me
  • This Ain’t Dead
  • Somebody Put Something in my Drink
  • Good Time
  • So Not Me
  • I Smell Rock ‘n’ Roll

Tequila MockingbyrdThe songs are short catchy simple tunes with lots of riffs to get the crowd going.  Think Ramones cross fertilised with a multitude of Oz hard rock bands.  They certainly have a no nonsense attitude – especially the drummer.

They spent time after the gig meeting potential new fans, posing for pictures and selling all sorts of stuff out of a suitcase – all legit of course!  Not many all women bands make it in this industry so good luck girls!  As AC/DC succinctly put it – It’s a long way to the top if you wanna Rock n Roll.

Marko 20 June 2017

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